Welcome to JUMPSTART!

2017 JUMPSTART Sessions Schedule 

2016 JUMPSTART Sessions Schedule (Archived)

2015 JUMPSTART Sessions Schedule (Archived)

JUMPSTART is a day chock full of training sessions for FIRST robotics students, mentors, and parents.  The event is hosted by Saint Cloud State University and organized by Central Minnesota Robotics Hub. We are inviting talent Bison Robotics, and many FRC teams from around Minnesota including the Central Minnesota Robotics Hub.  The idea behind this event is to jump start teams in a variety of areas such as fabrication of the robot, Pit organization and Pit safety, parent education on FRC, creating a Robotics Booster Club, robotics in the schools, finding sponsors, and many other topics.  The event is organized to equip FRC teams of all levels to help bring their students, parents, and mentors up to a point where they are ready to tackle the challenges of the FIRST Robotics Competition.

JUMPSTART is organized to allow attendees to learn about the many different facets of FRC.  The day will kick-off with a Large Group Meeting where we will bring in all of the students, mentors, and parents and introduce what they can expect from JUMPSTART.  We will be offering 5 sessions of training; Three before lunch, and two after the lunch break.  Lunch will be at the famous Garvey Commons and is provided by SCSU. Students and mentors are free; family members will be asked to pay the $7 fee for lunch. Thank you SCSU for this!

JUMPSTART sessions schedule is available HERE

JUMPSTART Registration Form


Robot and PIT Showcasing

The Robots and Pit showcases are back for 2017!

You are welcome to bring your robot(s) from the last competition and competitions previous to Recycle Rush as well.  Teams will showcase or showoff their robot’s functions to others during this event.

You are also welcome to bring your PIT to show off and compare your work area to others.

This event encourages teams to learn how others built or operate their robots in the past and present.  You are able to see how teams grew based on the design of their previous robots compared to their most current one.  Seeing the designs of other robots may also inspire new designs of your own in the future.  All teams are welcome to participate in this showcasing of robots and PITs at SCSU’s Hedley Hall, located on 8th street and South of Centennial Hall.

4607 Robot Showcase

Team 1816, Green Machine, Edina, MN


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