JUMPSTART for Mentors

Mark3023JUMPSTART.JPGJust as a teachers need proper guidance and training before heading into the classroom, Mentors need at least a jumpstart before taking on a big of a task as running a FIRST Robotics team.

JUMPSTART for Mentors is designed to increase sustainability of teams and to work with mentors on their path to success.  Throughout the time working with the Central Minnesota Robotics Hub teams as well as other teams we have mentored,  we have come to realize that each team struggles with similar issues that have impeded growth.  We have identified five of these areas that we will be focusing on during our initial offering of JUMPSTART for Mentors.

These areas include:MaggieRachelMentoring.JPG

  • Partnering with School Administration and Community
  • Building Strong Team Culture
  • Effective Team Communication
  • Building a Quality Mentor Corps through Expectations and Training

For Registration information, please visit MNFIRST.org

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